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We provide 24/7 around the clock protection  and security services for our clients to ensure maximum protection and cover any security detail.

All of our Security personnel have been vetted, have undertaken a comprehensive background check, properly trained with latest tactical and defensive techniques.

Wether you need our Security Services for a Long term or Short term we are available.

Dependent upon your threat level of your Security Detail, we can provide Armed or Unarmed Guards equipped with latest gadgets and weapons to ensure maximum protection for our clients.

We Live and Serve by our Motto
Courage, Honor, and Integrity.

Private Investigations

Our Private Investigation Sector works with all agencies and clients to gather information, interview people, conduct surveillances, gather facts for court cases and can handle cases such as fraud, missing persons, infidelity, lawsuits and more.

Executive and VIP Protection

For our High Profile clients who need close protection due to their career, status, or net-worth, Aziel Protection is here for you. We have protected political officials, Celebrities, and CEO’s to provide transportation to and from or protection during public events. Get Started today

Armed and Unarmed Guards

All of our guards have been trained in tatical and defensive measures to ensure maximum protection for our clients. We have the manpower to cover any sized event or security detail needed. Request either Armed or Unarmed guard and we will have them available.

Fugitive Recovery

Also known as bounty hunters locate and retrieve fugitives who have fled to avoid court appearances. Our training, experience and field knowledge puts us a step ahead of bail  jumpers.

Loss Preventions

To keep your goods protected during store hours it is essential to put proper prevention plans in place created by our professionals  to prevent theft and deception in the workplace.

CPR/ First Aid

Knowledge of First Aid and CPR could be the difference of life and death in an emergency. Aziel protection holds group and private training sessions to keep everyone up to industry standards of of First Aid/ CPR training.

State of The Art Surveillance

From Aerial Drone Surveillance, tracking gps coordinates, and bugging for investigations we use state of the art technology when needed to conduct investigations and proper security details.

Officer Training

We train all of our officers and trainees to be prepared for any potential threat level they may experience in the field. We train in Tactical techniques, proper restraints, hand cuffing, OC Pepper spray, extendable batons, ACT 235 licensing and more.

Sleep in Absolute Peace When Aziel Protection is on the job.

When it comes to the protection of our clients and their assets,
Safety is our Top Priority.